About Women Security Cell -

Following are the guidelines on the prevention and deterrence of sexual harassment in the workplace laid down by the Supreme Court of India in its 13 August 1997 judgment on the Writ Petition (Criminal) Vishakha vs. State of Rajasthan, the Honorable Principal of COCSIT Latur appointed a committee in College Premises as permanent cell to prevent violence and sexual harassment on campus on 19 Feb. 2008.

The cell is basically meant for dealing the problems of women on campus relating to sexual harassment and violence at the workplace. This cell is dedicated for creating an environment in the campus where everybody feels safe and self confident. The office of the cell is an educational resource as well as a complaint center for the member of the campus community who has been sexually harassed.

It is the oath being taken by the members of the cell to create a campus working environment where everybody agrees prevention is must in cases relating to several harassment and violence against women.

Dr. R. B. Shinde
Women Security Cell
Associate Professor,
Department of Computer Science,
COCSIT, Latur.
Mr. L. M. Patil
Women Security Cell
Aptitude Cell,
COCSIT, Latur.