On the occasion of 69th independence day, One day tree plantation camp organized by college and planted 25 plants in the college premices.

Following members are participated in this camp,

  • Mr. B. L. Gaikwad (Vice Principal, SJC)
  • Mr. N. S. Zuple (Principal, COCSIT)
  • Mr. L. M. Patil (Administrative Officer)
  • Mr. I. M. Kazi (HoD, Computer Science Department)
  • Mr. N. V. More (HoD, BioTechnology Department)
  • Mr. D. R. Somwanshi (HoD, Computer Application Department)
  • Mr. S. R. Mane (HoD, Math. and Stat. Department)
  • Mr. K. R. Jadhav (HoD, Language Department)
  • Dr. R. R. Londhe (School Manager, SIS)
  • Dr. R. B. Shinde (Coordinator, Women's Security Cell)
  • Mr. S. V. Deshmukh (Finance Officer)
  • Ms. D. H. Mahamuni (In-Charge, Attendence Committee)
  • Ms. J. R. Kawle (Member, Attendence Committee)
  • Mr. V. D. Patil (Member, Internal Exam Department)
  • Mr. A. S. Shinde (Member, Internal Exam Department)
  • Mr. V. V. Bhosle (Member, Internal Exam Department)

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