Library -

The Department of Library Science was established in the year 2001. This department has six staff members one teaching three sub-ordinate administrative and two non-teaching headed by Mr. Dhotre L.K. and others are, Mrs. Ingle J. R., Mrs. Yadav A. S.

The students are encouraged to use the library resources for knowledge and information. Library arranges books exhibitions time to time to make the students familiar with the books.

Library provides the facility of reading room to cultivate reading habits among students. It also gives enough reading material, journals, soft copies in the form of C.D.ís, Magazines, News papers, periodicals, etc.

Library Profile -

  • 8913 Books
  • 1216 Titles
  • 4 Biotechnology Journals
  • 2100 Online Journals by INFLIBNET
  • Open Access System for Staff Online Public Access Catalogue(OPAC)
  • Educational Audio, Video Cassettes, Films, CDs/DVDs