25th Road Safety Program -

In this program Dr. D. T. Pawar and Mr. V. A. Jadhav gives detail informaion about, what are the necessary precautions to be taken by driver at the time of driving like,

  • Never forget your motor drving licence and documents of vehicle
  • 3S (Slow, Steady and Safe)
  • 3C (Care, Courtesy and Consideration)
  • Avoid 4O (Over Confidance, Over Speeding, OverTaking andOver Eating)
  • Always Eyes on the road
  • Don't Race || Maintain Safe distance
  • Don't talk while driving
  • Information about signals (Red, Yellow and Green)
  • Always use helmet

Guests :

  • Dr. B. L. Gaikwad (Vice Principal)
  • Dr. D. T. Pawar (RTO, Latur)
  • Mr. R. T. Gitte (Deputy RTO, Latur)
  • Mr. M. D. Bachhav (ARTO, Latur)
  • Mr. V. A. Jadhav (Inspector of Motor Vehicle, Latur)
  • Mr. N. B. Kale (Inspector of Motor Vehicle, Latur)
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